Based on the short story of the same name included in the 1978 collection Night Shift, the adaptation was initially planned as a segment of Lewis Teagues fantastic anthology Cats Eye, but its development saw confidence in its potential grow, and it was kept aside to become its own movie. Some of those slick teens are very cool. Ever wonder to yourself what Stephen King must have been like as a kid? I have to admit reading this was more fun. The car used by the greasers was a 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty. A young man returns to teach in his old home town, where he was terrorized as a child. On September 11, 2007, a new DVD edition of the film was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment through the film's current owner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. What's quite interesting is that the early idea was to keep it short and as a segment for the Stephen King anthology horror, Cat's Eye. Jim gives the gang back their car keys. He is joined by Mueller, who apologizes for Wayne's death and offers to help. Brooke Adams is additionally wonderful, and its a cute historical footnote that she stars in Dino De Laurentiis first and last King movies having played Sarah Bracknell opposite Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone. Twenty-seven years ago, his family left the town when Jim and his older brother Wayne (Chris Demetral) were bullied and Wayne murdered by a four-teenager gang in a lonely train tunnel. Soon Jim's best students mysteriously die and are replaced by Billy, North and Vinnie that claim they are from Milford and harass Jim and his family. Director Tom McLoughlin Writers Stephen King Lawrence Konner Mark Rosenthal Stars Tim Matheson Brooke Adams Robert Rusler See production, box office & company info Watch on Pluto TV Go to More watch options One of Jim's new students Billy Sterns (Matt Nolan) is killed when his bike is forced of the side of a bridge by a car, then a new student named Richard Lawson (Robert Rusler) takes Billy's place in Jim's class but Jim is shocked to recognise him as one of the bullies from the day his Brother died. Supposedly, its construction caused some scandal. If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair. Sometimes They Come Back - The Incident: Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) remembers what happened on that fateful day.BUY THE MOVIE: the best Sometimes They Come Back scenes \u0026 clips: DESCRIPTION:High school teacher Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) reluctantly returns to his hometown with his wife (Brooke Adams) to pursue a job. I never read King's story so I can't compare one to the other, but this version was fairly easy to follow with creepy moments throughout, although it seems that I've seen the "car greasers" in other King adaptations before this movie as well, like Stand By Me and Christine. Since the launch of this column in May, Ive used this forum to talk about many of the best Stephen King adaptations (Carrie, Cujo, Stand By Me, Misery), and a couple of the worst (Children Of The Corn, Graveyard Shift). Students close to him start to be involved in various accidents that look like suicides. I would say watch this for Matheson's performance and some creepy scenes too. Now, he is going to scare you back to life . The plot actually at first plays around with the idea that maybe it's all in the protagonist's weary mind after the first death, but soon enough that's psychological angle is shot down when the first dead teenager makes a classroom appearance. Too bad he didn't have much to work with. In 1996 Hillary Swank appeared in a sequel named Sometimes They Come Back Again with Michael Gross from TV series Family Ties. NY 10036. Despite this if your a fan of King's work or adaptations then its definitely worth a look. The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. He was described having a birthmark on his chin in the story but was absent in the film. It was used in the film 'Sometimes They Come Back' based on a. Right, I remember watching this movie back in the 1990s, but haven't seen it since then. Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back English audio R CC Buy Tim Matheson ("Sleeping With The Devil") stars as the troubled Jim Norman who moves back to his hometown with his wife Sally. Although atmospheric (those sounds we hear which are not there) and unpleasant in parts, it could have been a much darker journey than it was. You must log in or register to reply here. Jimmy sees Lawson for the first time since his brother's death. In the train's frame of reference there is a terrible accident and all of the passengers die. Love Missouri? A decade-plus CinemaBlend veteran who is endlessly enthusiastic about the career hes dreamt of since seventh grade. Recently I made a visit to Rocheport, Missouri to visit the famous Rocheport Tunnel. The tunnel was constructed in 1892 by the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and in its construction, the drawings and pictographs were destroyed.The tunnel is now a part of the Katy trail which goes from Clinton, Missouri to Machens, Missouri. Jim visits Wayne's grave seeking his help, but something blocks Wayne's return to the world of the living. . Be it cases where he acted quickly to secure movie rights, or purchased them from a third party, De Laurentiis saw great cinematic potential in Stephen Kings work and while the movies werent always fantastic or successful, one thing that can be said universally about them is that they are faithful to the source material. With "The Shining" and "Misery" Stephen King scared you to death . The film was directed by Tom McLoughlin from a screenplay by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal. There is a lot of history and some controversy surrounding this tunnel. Rocheport Tunnel, Stephen King's "Sometimes They Come Back" Movie Tunnel - Rocheport, Missouri - YouTube Recently I made a visit to Rocheport, Missouri to visit the famous Rocheport. From Mark L. Lesters Firestarter to Dan Attias Silver Bullet, the films and the books line up well (Kings Maximum Overdrive is the outlier in this regard, but it gets a bit more leeway given its director). Robert was the leader of the evil greaser gang who killed Wayne Norman, Jim Norman's older brother, in 1957 (1963 in the movie). It is emotionally well done. He wanted Jimmy dead the most but wanted to do all he can to torture him mentally and physically to the best of his ability first. Jim realizes that he can't keep running and must deal with the past. Decades later the young boy now grown and a school teacher returns home. Lawson promises to return, but Jim explains that there won't be a next time. However, the gangster's car was hit by a train and exploded, killing Billy (Matt Nolan), North (Bentley Mitchum) and Vinnie (Nicholas Sadler); only Mueller (William Sanderson) survived. The film was directed by Tom McLoughlin from a screenplay by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal. Brian Parkinson/Flickr Its 243 feet are lined in brick, stone, mortar and earth. ", Was a favorite of mine when I was younger, but not so much these days, Adequate rendition from a Stephen King short tale about a teacher returning to his hometown. Originally optioned as a segment of the 1985 feature film Stephen King's Cat's Eye, it was developed into a separate feature by producer Dino De Laurentiis. This message board permanently closed on And I imagine that once the kids were asleep, Tabby and I got friendly. 90's character actor tim matheson stars in a surprisingly scary adaptation of a stephen king short story about a guy returning to the town he lived in when he was a child which brought back nightmares of the incident that led to the deaths of his brother and the three hoodlums who tried to mug them. Some suspense, not very much gore, and a slow moving plot keeps this from being a pretty decent movie. What Shows Have Been Renewed or Canceled. Metacritic Reviews. Three dead hoodlums hanging around in limbo just to avenge their deaths makes for a creepy show. Twenty-seven years ago, his family left the town when Jim and his older brother Wayne were bullied and Wayne murdered by a four-teenager gang in a lonely train tunnel. The bullies died that night too. Neesy, Spideyman and GNTLGNT StephenKingFan Active Member Adapting Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back: A 1991 TV Movie Ends An Era For Stephen King Adaptations By Eric Eisenberg published 6 October 2021 Sometimes They Come Back marks a. Tim Matheson is very solid as the lead. A young boy witnessed his older brother murdered in a train tunnel while trying to protect him from the high school bullies. What I liked about this film was the grimness/ darkness of the movie, which brings a shiver in my skin every time I watch it. Youll find my piece about George A. Romeros The Dark Half in the CinemaBlend movie section on Wednesday, but for now click through using the banners below to discover all of the previous installments of this column! If youre more into physical media and/or are presently trying to build the Ultimate Stephen King Collection, youre going to want to get the Blu-ray (opens in new tab) that Olive Films released in 2015. As the leader of his gang, Lawson was known as an arrogant bully according to how him and his gang treated both Jimmy and Wayne when he first appeared in the movie. Sometimes They Come Back. Wayne can move on to Heaven and see his parents, and offers to have Jim come with him to the afterlife, but Jim refuses. This starts with the fact that Sally is killed in Stephen Kings version, giving the protagonist nothing left to lose. Before too long, Jim realizes that each of these new arrivals are dark figures from his childhood specifically a gang of punks who murdered his older brother during a mugging in a train tunnel. Watching the movie unfold with a critical eye, one can understand the potential that Dino De Laurentiis & Co. saw in it as a standalone feature and not just a segment in an anthology: there is a lot of meat on the bones conceptually, and not much is required to bring it all to life. Before the hill was blasted away by dynamite, it was called Manitou Bluff and was well-known to people in the 1800s. Lawson wore a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black . Just copy and past those coordinates into the "search bar" of Google maps, and it'll take your right to the tunnel! I recommend it, but not that highly, as there's a reason this film is rarely on. Lawson wore a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black leather shoes or boots, and had greasy black hair to give it a typical greaser gang look. I had to chuckle at Dr. Bernardi's 'see something, say something' approach to the students following the death of two classmates; isn't that always the case until somebody has something to say? User Ratings Gremlins: Secrets Of The Mogwai: Release Date, Trailer And Other Things We Know About The Max Animated Series, The Exorcist Legacyquel Reveals A New Title And Seriously Scary Footage At CinemaCon, 5 Must-Watch John Mulaney Comedy Specials (And How To Watch Them), I Rewatched The Dawson's Creek Pilot Episode And I Have Thoughts, I Watched Ghosted On Apple TV+ And I Thought It Was Honestly A Lot Of Fun, 4 Reasons Why Nacho Libre Is The Ultimate Jack Black Performance, I Rewatched The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies Just To Focus On Rocket's Story, And I Have Thoughts, Alita: Battle Angel Producer Gives Hopeful Update On The Sequel, And How Avatar 2 Is Connected, Why Star Trek: Picard's Captain Liam Shaw Shouldn't Be Brought Back, Jason Momoa Clarifies Feelings On Aquaman, Talks Frustration Of The Lost Kingdom Not Using Many Of His Ideas. He has recuring nightmares about his brother's murder as he starts teaching in the town. He's good for the most part and rather bad-ass. After the gang releases the family, Jim hides them inside a church, which the demonic gang cannot enter. Jim tracks down a retired policeman, Officer Neil, who reveals that he had been shot during a robbery and had been clinically dead for over three minutes, during which he encountered Wayne's spirit in the "mid-realm" the dimension between the world of the living and one's final destination. "Sometimes They Come Back" by Tom McLoughlin("Friday the 13th Part 6-Jason Lives","One Dark Night")is an adaptation of the short story written by Stephen King.The plot is simple:a school teacher(Tim Matheson)is chased by the dead punks who killed his brother when he was a kid.The film is well-made and has some creepy moments.The direction is solid,the acting is pretty good,unfortunately I found climax to be the weakest part of the film.Still if you like horror movies give this one a look.Followed by two sequels! It also has some major plot holes. It's not one of King's best adaptations, and the fact that it's made-for-tv does hold it back when it comes to the really good stuff you like to see in horror movies, particularly gore. JavaScript is disabled. He runs back to town, fulfilling the gang's plan for a reunion. Leicester were interested in Tierney but saw a January . The tunnel was featured in Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back, a 1991 made-for-TV film. For eight years he was a driving force behind many of the authors books being brought to the big screen first finding success with David Cronenbergs The Dead Zone in 1983, and then making five more in the next eight years. Jim then tracks down Mueller, who panics and flees thinking Jim wants revenge. The teens who committed the crime are long dead, but now the kids in Jim's new class keep dying and being replaced by new students who look like the deceased hoodlums. It has a narrator - not a professional writer, but at least an English teacher - looking back on his childhood (in this case in the early '60s, if you do the math). The film adaptation was filmed in Kansas City, Kansas, and Liberty, Missouri.[1]. Lawson was worse as dead than alive. One student is run off a bridge by a Chevrolet Belair that only Jim sees. Ashok Kallarakkal. As he leaves Jim's home, Chip is attacked by the greasers, now joined with North, driving a 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty. The tunnel was built by men and mules in 1893 for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad. The film Sometimes They Come Back explores the proposition that if you got a big enough grudge against someone, especially if they helped aid your leaving this mortal coil rather abruptly, you can come back for payback. Our prime purpose in this life is to help . Because the Stephen King story is kept in Jims perspective, you only hear about the students dying instead of seeing them but the TV version expands on that greatly, including sequences such as Jims psychic vision of Kate (Tasia Valenza) being attacked in a field, and Chip (Chadd Nyerges) being dismembered. Contents Synopsis Cast Reception Sequels References Synopsis Sometimes They Come Back is satisfying as it is, though I will admit that there is a very real part of me that wishes we could see an adaptation that fully commits to the satanic ritual conclusion of the short story. I'm sad to say that it doesn't have anywhere near the impact that it used to. He then proceeds to set a ruse for the greasers using instructions found in his dark magic book: after drawing a pentagram with chalk on the floor, he splashes it with blood from a sacrificed cat to raise a demon. Get more stories delivered right to your email. They reveal to Jim that he is going to need Mueller to put everything together. Sometimes They Come Back is a short story which was published in King's Night Shift collection, which was then adapted for a TV movie back in 1991. They intend to have a child witness the event, leading them to try to kidnap Jim's son Scott. Only recommended for dedicated King completionists. He returns to the train tunnel in which the first murder took place, though both he and Carl change their dialogue and actions from those taken 27 years before. So that a signal cannot be sent to open the initially closed door before the front of the train reaches it. The TV film was followed by two straight-to-video sequels in 1996 (Sometimes They Come Back Again) and 1998 (Sometimes They Come Back for More). The storyline could have been something riveting and chilling, but it ended up going the routine route in every way. He is forced to take a job in the town he grew up in, despite . He also drove a black 1955 Chevy 150. It is the straight-to-video sequel to the 1991 horror film Sometimes They Come Back . Much better than the 5.7 average when I left this review, "You know how you're saying that history repeats itself? When Jim was nine, he had moved away from the small town with his parents after he had witnessed his older brother, Wayne, being murdered by a gang of greasers during a mugging in a train tunnel in 1963. Another adaptation from the Stephen King staple, but this small story is given a little more weight and probably from that gets a little too bogged down and brightly overwrought. Jim Norman, a high school history teacher struggling with emotional problems, returns to his old hometown after accepting a teaching job there. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Its 243 feet are lined in brick, stone, mortar and earth. Huh?"! Sometimes They Come Back is a 1991 made-for-TV movie based on the short story by Stephen King. They kill Chip and throw his remains off of a bridge. Without the influence of producer Dino De Laurentiis, the legacy of Stephen King in Hollywood would likely be radically different. Soon after he returns to his hometown, Jim starts having nightmares and flashbacks about his brother's murder. I'd just like to know where the imagination came from. What will Jim do to get rid of these demons? One by one 'til they're all back! In 1957, Lawson rode a 1954 Ford sedan and had black chinos or khakis with a white T-shirt and the aforementioned strawberry birthmark. The three greasers have supernatural features: they cast no reflection in a mirror; can change their physical appearance to a demonic, mutilated look; are impervious to bullets; and can appear to some while invisible to others. It isn't fully explained, about how they have managed to suddenly appear after being dead for 27 years. Stephen King Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. But in the train's frame of reference, the train is 4 times as long as the tunnel. What changes there are and there are quite a few make sense for the medium change. Jon Porter returns to his hometown after the sudden and bizarre death of his mother. Wayne offers to have Jim come with him to the afterlife, which Jim refuses because of his family, but tells Wayne says he can move on to heaven and see his parents because the greasers are no longer a threat. Director Tom McLoughlin previously directed the sixth Friday The 13th film: Jason Lives (1986). The film is based on a short story by Stephen King that was first published in the March 1974 issue of Cavalier, and later collected in King's 1978 collection Night Shift. He pulled out his knife a couple of times to kill Jimmy's students and even to scare his son Scott, but mainly he would pull it out in anger when he would get punched. You are using an out of date browser. It can be found between mile 178 and 179 on the Katy Trail. It also has an interesting arched ceiling. Director Tom McLaughlin (who was behind other horror efforts "One Dark Night" and "Friday the 13th Part 6") gets the most out of this TV production, as while it looks cheap and it could have been much tauter it has some stylish touches, lyrical camera-work and a hankering for numerous slow motion reactions. Bonus: a movie was filmed there, too! Sometimes They Come Back never ended up getting the big screen treatment, but in 1991 it did come together as TV movie that premiered on CBS. Robert Lawson (Short Story) Richard Lawson (Film). Doesn't matter if you've been good or if you've been bad and these three were definitely bad. These greasers ended up stabbing Wayne in a train track tunnel one day, a train came and during the madness all were killed except Jim and one of the greasers - both got away safely. Sorted by: 2. The thugs aren't really very scary and don't do much, apart from killing some extras. The scenes from this film I mostly enjoyed was Jimmy Normans flashbacks from his childhood memories 27 years before as well as very cool and brutal Nick Sadler (Vinnie 'Vincent' Corey) and Richard Lawson(Robert Rusler) while slaying Jimmys students until they got they're own personal revenge on Jimmy for when they were killed 27 years before. This indicates that he wanted to rape her. "Sometimes they come back again" features a pretty routine plot, though there are some good special F/X and an excellent cast (especially for a low-budget genre picture) to back it up. Making it somewhat irregular in tone, mainly around the jaded flashback sequences that always inter-cut the present time. Some dime-store hoods show up, bully the two as it goes to far and they knife the older brother. I'm not saying this is a great film(it clearly isn't), nor a great horror film, but it had its' moments and I expected a bit less than what I saw, and that was a pleasant surprise. Lawson, Vinnie, and Garcia surround Sally and Scotty. External Reviews All things seem fixed at the very end, but Jim reflects on a warning in Raising Demons that gives the title of the short story new meaning one that doesnt point to the resurrected punks: You could perhaps summon them, perhaps cause them to do your work. They were pet peeves that irked me. Suddenly we were able to afford not only a doctors visit and a bottle of THE PINK STUFF, but also a nice Sunday-night meal. In the movie, young Jim takes the punks car keys, and as a result they die when their flame-accented 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty is hit by a train. [3] TV Guide rated it a two out of five stars and wrote that "the solid cast can't lift the material above the routine".[4]. Jim tries to bring his brother back in the church's graveyard as the gang lures his wife and son outside and hold them hostage. C. S. Lewis. Adding an extra layer to the movies title, Tom McLoughlins version (written by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal) makes Sometimes They Come Back a homecoming story as Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) moves back to the town he grew up in at the start of the story. Tim Matheson's tormented turn is very well pitched, as he battles past events and reality as the two come together in a nightmarish ordeal. Next week, Adapting Stephen King will be diving into a wonderful story specifically the one that resulted after the authors special pseudonym, Richard Bachman, was outed to the world. After confronting the new students, Jim discovers that their plan was to come back from the dead and "finish what they started;" murdering Jim in the same way they murdered Wayne in order to keep themselves out of Hell. There's a harrowing encounter with a train when they try to take a dangerous shortcut (through a . Save for the ending, the structure of the TV movie comes straight from the source material, along with the biggest ideas. Just copy and past those coordinates into the "search bar" of Google maps, and it'll take your right to the tunnel! This is the only tunnel along the trail.The tunnel was used as a key setting in the 1991 Stephen King movie, \"Sometimes They Come Back.\" Sometimes They Come Back is about Jim Norman, an English teacher who moves with his wife to a new town to find a job following what he describes as a breakdown brought on by outside stress and a violent confrontation with a student. 98 minutes. Now they have "come back" to haunt him. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. Have the spirits of those killed come back to haunt Jim? The deaths of the two students are blamed as suicides. Tim Matheson stars as Jim Norman, a high school teacher who's having recurring nightmares about a boyhood trauma involving the neighborhood bullies that left most of the gang of hoodlums, as well as his brother dead. Wayne embraces Jim hoping to see him one day in afterlife and goes back to the afterlife as Jim's family heads home and Jim finally has found peace after all these years. He walked over smiling and grabbed her head telling her "Don't you know Sally that nobody hits me and lives? Such is the nature of life that all things end, however, and the relationship between Dino De Laurentiis and the works of Stephen King is no exception. If you dont want to waste another second not watching Sometimes They Come Back, and youre cool with having the experience interrupted with commercials (it was originally a TV movie, after all) then you can actually watch it right now by heading over to PlutoTV. With The Good Doctor Losing A Character, How Worried Should Fans Be For The Season 6 Finale? Meanwhile, Jim has fallen under the suspicion of Pappas, the local police chief. In the case of Tom McLoughlins Sometimes They Come Back, however, the discussion is focused on what could be called one of the most mediocre King movies. Lawson warning Sally of what will happen to her if she hits him again. The gang harasses Jim's family at their home to ensure Jim's compliance in reenacting the murder. In the early 1970s, Stephen King was married with two children, and professionally struggling. As a horror buff, let me add that this isn't very scary, but as a stand alone film it isn't that bad. Sometimes They Come Back is a 1991 made-for-TV movie based on the short story by Stephen King. Cinemablend is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. [citation needed] Plot [ edit] Eric Creed Synopsis Thankfully, things improved because of Sometimes They Come Back. Arriving home from a trip to his mothers house with his family, King noticed an envelope in his mailbox, and while he initially dreaded that it was yet another bill he couldnt pay, it turned out to be a well-timed gift from the universe. Otherwise, you and I might have a little fun of our own" followed by him licking her face. Jim is haunted by the childhood memory of his brother being murdered by a group of teenagers, who were then struck by a train before they could kill him, too. It doesn't help that the aforementioned deceased gang members are coming back one by one putting the lives of him and his loved ones in danger. To Jim's horror, he finds that the teenagers have returned to town as they appeared before they died, and are transferring into his class. Credit where credit is due, Sometimes They Come Back is the rare instance where a short story is adapted at feature length and doesnt let the invented material overwhelm what Stephen King originally put on the page. In Sometimes They Come Back, Tim Matheson is made to relive a boyhood tragedy that claimed the life of his brother when the group of bullies who waylaid him in a train tunnel way back when come back from the dead to settle an old score. He got punched a second time when Jimmy's wife Sally punched Lawson, so he won't kill Scott. Familiar to avid Katy Trail bikers but not many others, the Rocheport tunnel has historical (if a little unfortunate) significance. I have seen just about all of his movies until this one tonight. To discover that SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK! It can be found between mile 178 and 179 on the Katy Trail. Despite the fact that there have been so many books about the works of Stephen King, there isnt much information available about the origins of Sometimes They Come Back, or the thought process that inspired it (beyond the obvious such as Kings own experience as a teacher).

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