Cara gave birth to their first baby - Freddie - in December 2017. No I dont think Olivia liked him beyond good friends. On Day 18, the public voted Zara to date one of the new Islanders. Daniel was an original Love Island cast member and at first he coupled up with Olivia Buckland but when that fizzled out he got together with Zara Holland. After leaving the villa, Scott moved in with Kady and they stayed together for a year before splitting up.Scott has two brothers who have both starred in ITV soaps. Olivia said: "Hes really friendly, chatty, a little bit flirty so its all good signs but you just dont know in here, he could be doing the same to her [ love rival Zara]. The Essex lad, 27, won over Cara's heart during their time in the villa, despite calling her "frigid.". Things took another shock turn when the viewers voted Tom and fellow Islander Liana out of the villa. Emma is now the proud mom of a four-year-old boy, who she often gushes about on her Instagram, and is single. The pair started a screaming match and it wasn't long before Malia shoved Kady. Rachel is now living in Dubai and according to her Instagram has been in a relationship for over a year and is enjoying her new lifestyle. Rykard was quick to point out that Olivia has been drooling all over newbie Adam Maxted. While some couples found true love, others didn't last. Since leaving the villa, Alex and Olivia moved in together and they are the proud owners of two French bulldogs. Initially, it seemed their relationship was over when Tom quit the show after his ex Emma showed up but after a brief date with Katie, Sophie walked out to be with Tom. On Day 2, the boys went up against the girls in a game of. She chose Terry. As reported by Digital Spy the pair had a messy break-up with both accusing the other of cheating, leaving no hope for reconciliation. However, things went south shortly before Olivia and Alex Bowen's wedding and the ladies fell out. On Day 5, Terry had to choose two girls to cook him dinner then date separately. As Malin received the fewest votes, she was eliminated. Watch our hot new TV trailer", "PICTURES! The Islanders had to guess what Alex and James voted. Despite not finding love in the villa, Javi has fallen head over heels for his girlfriend Amy Blossom Murray. READ SOMETHING ELSE (@TrebligNerrad) June 8, 2016. Olivia, 26, has gone on to become an extremely successful influencer since leaving the show and boasts an impressive 2.3m followers on Instagram. Olivia and Rykard won this challenge. The boys chose Katie to stay, whilst the girls chose Adam J to stay. During his time in the villa Rykard fell for Rachel and it was all very cute. It's the second from the revived series, but fourth overall. Since leaving the show, Katie, 24, has accumulated 258k followers on Instagram and updates her page with regular content. Four years on and two of the couples have gone on to tie the knot, others have welcomed their children into the world and a handful of them have decided to keep a really low profile. The blonde beauty is now in a loved-up relationship with Lewis Morgan. On Day 45, Adam M and Katie left the villa in fourth place, whilst Scott and Kady finished third. Alex and Olivia were the winners of the quiz. They revealed the happy news they were expecting their first baby together in 2019. "She later coupled up with Adam but they were separated when they were voted, by the rest of the contestants, as one of the weakest couples. Cara and Nathan moved in together shortly after the show ended and spent many loved up holidays together. On Day 40, Tina was eliminated after failing to couple up. Judging by his Instagram account he's found a lady who likes to travel and see the rest of the world. On Day 18, Alex and James rated the other Islanders from most to least in a number of categories. You are everything. However, to survive in the competition, each single must be coupled with another. He ended the show with Katie and the couple came in fourth place in the final of the series. Alex chose Olivia, and James chose Kady. He won his fight, beating a London businessman. View our online Press Pack. The couple stayed together throughout and came third. On Day 25, the public voted for their favourite girl in the villa. Rachel broke the news on Twitter, telling fans: "Rykard and I are no longer together, we have decided to go out separate ways but I wish him all the best with his future.". The two also own their own clothing brand, Exempt Society and have two French bulldogs called Reggie and Winnie. After leaving the villa, Liana has dyed her hair dark brown and regularly posts photos on her private Instagram account. But despite providing one of the moments of the season - the couple are sadly no more. The nation was devastated in June 2018 when it was revealed that the Love Island star sadly passed away. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. He didn't even get a chance to know Katie Salmon before he was kicked off the show by Lauren Whiteside. She entered the villa and wouldn't stop bragging about being Miss GB, she then had sex with Alex Bowen and ended up in tears when she was stripped of her title. He told the other islanders: Thats why I wouldnt do anything with Liv, because shes friends with Malin. Olivia is sobbing crying, so upset that Rykard is leaving. Yahoo! Kady joined the Love Island cast pretty early on in the series, on day three. Its about what she wants, its her day. Cailyn Szelinki graduated from The New School in 2020 and has been writing ever since. Nathan and Cara left the villa together and despite an up and down relationship featuring a relatively lengthy split. After getting together, Korey and Olivia seemed comfortable in each others company and expressed a desire to make their relationship work. Maxted has competed in World of Sports Wrestling on ITV. However, she started a family with her boyfriend Hop and they both welcomed their first daughter into the world in October 2019. His Instagram account is on private but according to his bio he's still modelling. However anything that may have happened between those two didn't last because in December 2018 he celebrated his second anniversary with his new girlfriend Amy Wilson. Moreover, with the show still being on-air, they might be under an agreement not to share their relationship status until after the finale. Unfortunately things didn't last long between the pair and they split shortly after leaving the villa. Despite being a bit of a bad boy in the villa, he wont over the hearts of the nation, as well as the blonde beauty, with his good looks and endearing personality. Still, Bailey and Koreys connection made Olivia fearful about being her partners second choice. And Im not attracted to her.. At the time it was reported that they both agreed it would be "easier" if Cara stepped down from her role. She coupled up with Daniel Lukakis, Rykard Jenkins and Adam Maxted before Alex Bowen entered.During the show she also had a brief fling with co-star Terry Walsh before he decided he preferred Malin Andersson.From day 20 onwards, Olivia stayed coupled up with Alex Bowen. They were told that Troy and the girl he chose would be immune from the next dumping. The couple got together in August 2018 and went public in September 2018. Just prior to this Olivia had been fawning all over Adam Maxted, and Rykard had previously taken Rachel into the Hideaway for a cosy dinner for two, a sensual massage and magazine. Javi was the first contestant to leave the Love Island villa back in 2016 (bless him) after he failed to couple up with someone. Sadly, the pair broke up six months after the birth of her daughter, according to The Mirror. The pair kept the incident secret from their other islanders - and Olivia moved on with Alex Bowen, to whom she is now engaged. Sophie was one of the original Love Island 2016 cast members and fell for Tom despite their ups and downs. But he's also kept his toes dipped in the reality TV scene as he recently starred in his own show - Mancs in Mumbai - alongside his two brothers Emmerdale star Adam and Corrie actor Ryan. Surprisingly though, Terry has taken himself completely off social media, and has no active Instagram or Twitter account. Zara Holland also decided to leave after discovering her mum is in the hospital. On Day 31, the girls were asked to choose one of the new Islanders; Oliver and Troy to be dumped from the island. [82] Because the Saturday episodes are weekly catch-up episodes rather than nightly highlights, these are not included in the overall averages. They emotionally supported each other through their disappointments. And Olivia is friends again with Rachel, who discovered she had slept with Rykard. On Day 40, the boys took a lie detector test with the girls asking the questions. The tatted hunk, 28, placed second on the popular ITV dating show with his wife Olivia. On Day 32, the Islanders re-coupled again, where the boys chose which girls they'd like to couple up with. Olivia Bowen has seemingly thrown shade at her Love Island 2016 friendships after admitting she hasn't stayed in contact with all of them. On Day 20, Liana and Tina entered the villa. Lauren then entered the villa and was asked to couple up with one of the single boys. Following her stint on Love Island 2016, Lauren has travelled and shared tonnes of pictures from her time abroad on Instagram. On Day 10, the girls speed dated four potential new Islanders. The Sun UK reported that Lauren was set to be married in May 2022 in Rome. Don't rush with management, PA's, collaborations, interviews, tv appearances. We literally just got back from the hen do so to me it was a massive shock. On Day 40, due to Sophie's exit from the villa, the Islanders re-coupled for the final time. She also starred in her own reality series with TLC - Olivia and Alex Said Yes and Olivia and Alex: Happily Ever After. Unfortunately thing were not to last and weeks after welcoming her baby boy Alfie into the world, Emma-Jayne announced she'd split from her baby daddy. On Day 15, after receiving the fewest public votes, Daniel and Zara, and Rykard and Rachel were in danger of leaving. He started the show on good terms because the viewers actually voted for him to go into the villa. On Day 37, having failed to couple up, Adam J and Troy were given a final opportunity to save themselves by dating new Islander Lauren. Snakes are symbolic for betrayal. On Day 35, as new Islanders, Adam J and Katie were asked to choose three other Islanders to take on dates. Troy only lasted a week in the villa and has kept a very low profile since then. The confirmed their split in January 2018 and Kady went on to confirm her romance with Towie star Myles Barnett. Katie is often seen partying in Ibiza and loves to flaunt her enviable figure in tiny bikinis on Instagram. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. The reality stars dismissed any rumours that there was tension in their friendship but shortly after Cara admitted she was "upset" about the decision. Both Olivia and Alex shared the exciting news with photos of their new family of three. On Day 9, after winning a challenge, Rykard chose to spend the night with Rachel in the Hideaway. It only includes double beds forcing them to share with each other, but has a special Hideaway bedroom for couples to spend the night away from the others. Please take a week or two off with your family and friends.". Cara De La Hoyde was one of the original cast members of Love Island 2016 and before she entered she was a circus performer. Lauren Whiteside joined the villa on day 37 - literally five weeks in - and she coupled up with Adam Jukes. What a pair of dirty dogs, Abbie Morgan Lewis (@morganabbieLew1) June 8, 2016, Rykard and Olivia got me like, Cerys (@fruitellamendes) June 8, 2016, After their, erm, romantic coupling was over, Olivia said: If you say anything Ill f*****g kill you.. ", "First look: It's time for a re-coupling! "Love Island finally has an air date: When is it back? On Day 34, Adam J and Katie entered the villa after being chosen by the other Islanders. While some fans are still figuring out which Love Island season 8 couples are still together and which aren't one couple that didn't make it long past the villa was Tom and Sophie. The remaining couples had to choose one member of each couple to dump from the island. On Day 1, the Islanders coupled up for the first time. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are still in the middle of a nasty custody battle, but you'd never know it watching the two cheer on their kiddo like the best of friends. The beauty has dyed her hair and kept her social media extremely private - although you can still follow her on Twitter. Olivia Buckland was a member of the 2016 cast from day one. Troy - who previously dated Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson - was definitely a blink and you'll miss it contestant. During the task, Oliver and Troy entered the villa to join in. She then chose which of the two should remain in the villa. The series was extended to air every night of the week, as opposed to the previous series where it only aired six nights. Lauren and Adam were a match made in heaven in the villa but shortly after their elimination, the pair called it quits. She's also in a relationship and has shared snaps alongside her boyfriend on social media. Before Love Island, Adam was a personal trainer, stripper and wrestler. Alex and Olivia are married and welcomed a son in 2022, and they are loving life as parents, according to Alex's Instagram. "I just think I need to get to know him a bit more. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. - CLOSER SLIDER. On Day 9, the boys competed against each other to sweat the most after doing physical exercise, then place their sweaty clothes into a bag. The only couples still together four years after Love Island series two are Olivia and Alex and Cara and Nathan - and both pairs have tied the knot already. On Day 20, the Islanders re-coupled again, where the girls chose the boy they wanted to be in a couple with. Two years after leaving Love Island and Katie hinted she received a lot of criticism from the LGBT community because of her relationship with Sophie. [40] Sophie was paired with Tom, Cara with Nathan, Malin and Rykard paired up, Zara and Scott coupled up, whilst Olivia paired up with Daniel and Javi remained single. "But we spoke about it and she's so busy with Freddie and shes got so much on her plate that I felt like it was pressuring her. Even with their status unknown, we hope they find happiness and remain contented in the future. Everything you need to know", "Love Island: Who joined the islanders tonight? Magazine", "Get set for a sizzling summer as Love Island returns", "Love Island: Why did they scrap the live eviction? ", "Love Island: Viewers were clear who their favourite was", "Love Island 2016: meet Cara De La Hoyde", "Everything you need to know about the new Love Island's Kady McDermott", "Shock dumping from Love Island sees controversial couple miss out on final", "Everything you need to know about Love Island's Terry Walsh", "Who is Lauren Whiteside? She was escorted out of the villa by security. The former Miss GB, 24, has gone on to own her own boutique - Mimi Boutique - that she promotes on her own social media page. "Katie has since dated Danielle Whittaker - but the pair split months later - and has launched a dance vlog Youtube channel. On Day 20, James was eliminated after failing to couple up. While there he coupled up with Lauren Whiteside but things ended shortly after they left the show. As James remained single, he was dumped from the island. "Were all getting older and doing different things. On Day 12, as the new Islander, Adam M was given the opportunity to take three girls out of the villa and date them separately. The London lad only lasted two days int he villa but has still gone on to make a bit of money from his stint on the show. On Day 19, new Islanders Alex and James were asked to choose one girl each to take on a date. Kind of. Katie Price's on/off boyfriend Kris Boyson, dated Love Island 2018 contestant Alexandra Cane, heartbreakingly announced the death of her baby girl Consy. Since leaving the show Daniel has been a busy boy. So when they were shown getting hands-on under the covers at the end of the latest episode with Rachel asleep in a nearby bed in the same room everyone was understandably gobsmacked. Eight months after their ITV stint and Emma-Jayne and Terry called it quits but Tez insisted they were "good friends". Alex and Olivia have been sharing their lives on their social media, and now baby Abel as he grows up, the pair work as bloggers and pursues passion projects that the show has allowed them to follow, like Olivia having horses and riding, as shown on her Instagram. The Islanders for the second series were revealed on 24 May 2016, just a week before the launch. The reality star also loves to share his travel pics on his social media and travels the world with his girlfriend - who has not been named or tagged in a single post. Rachel joined the villa on day seven and fell for Rykard Jenkins but she was left devo when Caroline Flack revealed he got 'intimate' with Olivia Buckland the day AFTER they spent in the hideaway. In 2018, it was announced that Adam would appear on ITV's World of Wrestling (WOS) under his wrestling name of Flex. Four years after leaving the villa, the lovebirds tied the knot in a lavish ceremony on Friday, June, 28, 2019. As Cara picked the one with the money in, she was given the choice to keep it for herself of split the money with Nathan. Magazine's mental health columnist and an ambassador for Sands Charity and Refuge Charity. Rachel entered the Love Island villa as a late arrival back in 2016 and personal trainer Rykard was smitten from the start. ONE DAY. Have you ever wondered what the cast of series two are up to at the moment? On Day 7, Malia was removed from the villa following an altercation with Kady. He tweeted, "DO NOT RUSH INTO ANYTHING. Cara co-owns an embroidery company, Embroidery By FJ, which produces personalized clothing for children, and golf-lover Nathan is an ambassador for Callaway Golf Europe (per Instagram). She even says that Rykard has been such a good guy friend to her after having trouble making friends with men and that she feels she can trust him. On Day 30, as new Islanders, Oliver and Troy were able to take three girls on a date. Cara and Nathan, Kady and Scott, Malin and Terry, and Sophie and Tom remained together, whilst Zara chose Adam M, and Olivia picked Alex. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. She is also the owner of her own makeup brand and fitness programme @bykady_ and @bodygoalsbykady. She chose Adam J, which caused Troy to be dumped from the island. Rachel and Rykard look loved-up on the beach ( Image: Instagram) The pair kept the incident secret from their other islanders - and Olivia moved on with Alex Bowen, "Weve met people from the other series of the show like Gabby [Allen] and were so close. As the only single girl, Zara hosted the quiz. ), 90 Day Fianc's Natalie Reveals Surprising Instagram Photo With Her Mom. They got together after getting through numerous other partners, and fans are curious to know if they made it all the way. While fans get ready for the hot new bombshells to enter the villa, many of the couples fans fell in love with early on in the series have gone through big changes in their lives from major break-ups to lavish weddings and welcoming children into the world. They were told that whoever new Islander Adam M coupled up with would be safe from the next elimination. She took Scott Thomas on a date but things kicked off when Kady McDermott "accidentally" split wine on her legs. [5] Sophie and Katie Salmon were also the first same-sex couple to feature in Love Island.[6]. Winners Cara and Nathan later went onto appear on The Only Way Is Essex,[7] whilst Rykard joined the cast of Ibiza Weekender in 2017[8]. Since being on the show, Nathan and Cara have got married and are raising their two kids, according to Cara's Instagram. Even though there are some things about Love Island that are fake according to the cast, what is real is Lauren's nuptials. Furthermore, there were unsubstantiated rumors about the couple not being serious, including claims about their possible breakup. On Day 37, Scott and Terry left the villa to go on a mates date. It also featured a number of voluntarily exits from the series, as Rykard Jenkins decided to leave the villa after his new love interest Rachel Fenton was eliminated. [4] Sophie Gradon also decided to voluntarily leave the villa. He has 164k followers on Instagram and also has his own Only Fans page where he shows off his ripped bod. They said he is reviled for his serpentine demeanor, but I think they arent referring to his appearance, but his backstabbing behavior. Since her dispute with Kady on the reality show, Malia has kept an extremely low profile. On Day 40 and 41, the couples had their parenting skills tested by looking after dolls. ", "Caroline Flack fronts new-look Love Island", "Love Island: Zara leaves due to family illness", "Love Island's Sophie QUITS after Katie misunderstanding", "Love Island has its first same-sex couple", "Cara de la Hoyde returns to TOWIE to set the record straight on Nathan Massey split Mirror Online", "Love Island's Rykard Jenkins joins ITV2's Ibiza Weekender for 'XXL' series OK! She chose Daniel and Scott. Stay up-to-date with all the news from the Love Island villa this summer with our regular newsletter. On Day 17, the Islanders were tested on how well they knew their other half. Sports reported that Malin split from her boyfriend Jared shortly after giving birth to her daughter and is now single and co-parenting. However, Myles and Kady were both axed from TOWIE in a recent shock cull of eight cast members.Kady set up several businesses after leaving the Love Island villa a makeup line called By Kady and a fitness website called Body Goals By Kady. The series included the first time an Islander was removed from the villa, as Malia Arkian was removed just hours after she entered the villa following an altercation with Kady McDermott. On Day 40, Adam M and Katie left the villa to go on a date. They reconciled only to split once again in December 2017 for the final time. On New Year's Day, Malin revealed she had given birth to her daughter prematurely. On Day 41, Adam J and Lauren, and Emma and Terry were eliminated after receiving the fewest public votes to save. ", "Love Island 2016: Another couple leaves the villa", "Love Island: Rykard returns to the villa", "Love Island's Emma-Jane: Tom still has feelings for me", "Love Island: Kady is fuming with new girls Tina & Liana", "Love Island: Emmerdale's Adam Thomas makes appearance", "Love Island said goodbye to one of the girls tonight", "Love Island sees two new boys enter the villa", "Love Island's latest recoupling rocks the villa", "Love Island: EIGHT wannabes fight to join the villa", "Love Island's Tina and Troy have an awful date", "Love Island: Tom and Liana leave in shock eviction", "Love Island: Tina says goodbye after final recoupling", "Love Island: There are DOGS on tonight's episode", "Love Island: Alex and Scott caught out by lie detector", "Love Island: Viewers were LOVING Malin's return", "Love Island: Two couples leave in shock double eviction", "Love Island: Islanders' families enter the villa", "Love Island: Nathan and Cara are your 2016 winners", "BARB Weekly Top 30 Programmes: ITV2 Total",,_series_2)&oldid=1144090873, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Related: 15 British Slang Terms US Viewers Need To Know When Watching Love Island. Kady McDermott, who appeared on show alongside Rachel and Rykard in 2016 , responded saying 'Love you.'. Its inevitable that some of us wont stay in contact.". On Day 45, as winners, Cara and Nathan were given the choice of two envelopes. Kady caused a storm when she appeared on the show alongisde her beau but was soon axed from the cast in 2019. Since leaving Love Island, Tina returned to Made in Chelsea (she starred on the show in the seventh series and dated Spencer Matthews) and started seeing Alik Alfus. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. The producers will do something to make what happened w/Rykard and Olivia come out tbh if they didn't they wouldn't be doing their job right, MORE : The Voice UK 2016 star Lydia Lucys brother is going into Love Island, MORE : Love Island 2016: New arrival Malia Arkian REMOVED from the show after altercation, MORE : Caroline Flack cant wait to see ridiculously hot people get it on as she announces Love Islands return, Sword swallower lifts Amanda Holden up by his eye sockets with blade down his throat in most terrifying audition in Britains Got Talent history, Rylan Clark suffers most chaotic train journey trying to get to Liverpool for Eurovision amid rail disruption, Britains Got Talent judges Amanda Holden and Bruno Tonioli break down in tears thanks to Welsh choirs emotional audition, Bobby Davro in absolute agony after revealing fiancee is battling pancreatic cancer: Its extremely, extremely, extremely painful, Katy Perry to be replaced by big-time star on American Idol while shes in UK for coronation, The Voice UK 2016 star Lydia Lucys brother is going into Love Island, Love Island 2016: New arrival Malia Arkian REMOVED from the show after altercation, Caroline Flack cant wait to see ridiculously hot people get it on as she announces Love Islands return, Do not sell or share my personal information. Since getting together, the two have always remained loyal to each other and have put in quite an effort to make their connection work. Rykard: You've got to wait and see. And while it seemed like the duo had found everlasting love, Capital FM reported that the couple split after eight months of being together but remained friends. They married at Gosfield Hall, in Olivia's home county of Essex in a lavish ceremony with hundreds of guests.Olivia has had several lucrative fashion deals including her own range of clothing with MissPap, has walked the catwalk during London Fashion Week as well as presenting on This Morning. Tom and Sophie were announced as the winners of this challenge, and were rewarded with a video call home. Sounds pretty par for the course with a show that puts hot young singletons on an island On Day 7, Malia and Rachel entered the villa. However when Sophie decided to leave the show, Katie decided to recouple with Adam Maxted and the pair came fourth place. Scott and Kady moved in together when the show finished and dated for a year but subsequently split after assault allegations. The former makeup artist has also been very open about her past abusive relationships and helped other women overcome their troubles. In 2017, the couple got engaged and Olivia featured in an episode of Say Yes To The Dress. In 2018, Alex and Olivia became the first Love Island couple to tie the knot. WebRykard Jenkins has finally revealed what went on with Olivia Buckland on Love Island. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Nathan and Cara, Scott and Kady, Terry and Malin, Tom and Sophie, Zara and Daniel remained coupled together, whilst Rykard picked Rachel, and Adam M chose Olivia. Cara and Nathan, Alex and Olivia, Scott and Kady and Sophie and Tom decided to remain together, whilst Terry chose to couple up with Emma, Adam M picked Liana, and Troy chose Tina. Despite the slight hiccup in their relationship they made a go of things again but were dealt another setback when the viewers voted Rachel off the show. It was nearly over before it even began after Rykard had a late night fumble with his close pal Olivia - while new love interest Rachel was sleeping in the same room as them. This left Tina single who was therefore dumped from the island. After Kady was asked on her Instagram Story about her enemy, she replied: "Who? ", Greg O'Shea 'DUMPS Amber Gill by text' five weeks after winning Love Island together, Zara Holland BLASTS Love Island aftercare: 'They put people's lives in danger for the sake of good TV', Amber Gill 'DUMPED' from Dancing On Ice and replaced by another Love Island star. Check out the brand new Love Island villa! On Day 7, Scott left the villa to go on a date with new Islander Malia, whilst Daniel left to date new Islander Rachel. This March the pair recently announced that they are expecting a baby girl together. Their union made them the first couple from the dating show to tie the At the time she said on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme: "Why can't I be who I want to be? Yes i agree, Rachel deserved better However in February 2019 he revealed he's been taking steroids for the last two years. Olivia Bowen has seemingly thrown shade at her Love Island 2016 friendships after admitting she hasn't stayed in contact with all of them. Since leaving the villa the muscly hunk has created his own OnlyFans account which has 135 posts in total.

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