Copper Concepts Q&A

No – our mobile team will have handles and fixtures coated in minutes. They work quickly and don’t interrupt any standard activities.

The coating is a permanent process. We coat pure copper using a special process which forms a bond strong enough to withstand everything but sanding. It will last for as long as the fixture itself.

The coating is a dry process. No solvents or paints are involved and the fixtures are ready as soon as they are coated.

Like all metal it will be effected by muddy or greasy hands. Copper will also naturally patinate and change colour. This does not effect the action of copper on bacteria and microorganisms. We supply mild cleaning agents which will shine it right back up in seconds, which generally is done every few weeks.

Copper is a metal, and copper handles have been used for centuries without issue as it is highly resistant to any corrosion. Even aggressive compounds such as chlorine have no effect, after all chlorine is used in most water supplies and fails to damage copper pipes so the proof is there.

Copper is a continuous disinfectant. Once applied it will start immediately and keep effective for as long as it is there. It is the only permanent disinfectant we know of which is effective and yet inherently safe to use. (“University of Southampton, Professor Bill Keeble explains the workings and shows the workings of Copper.”).

No disinfectant works immediately. All bleaches and heavy toxic chemicals will take time to work. The time will depend on the number of organisms present and copper is no exception to this but copper will work as quickly as most other disinfectants and certainly within minutes. (“University of Southampton, Professor Bill Keeble explains the workings and shows the workings of Copper.).

Copper is one of the only truly safe disinfectant methods known to man. Copper is an essential element – you need it in your diet to stay healthy but it is lethal to bugs. Drinking water transportation is done in copper pipework because it is the safest to use. So copper is completely safe.

It’s cost effective, permanent and requires no re-coating or additions once applied. It’s chemical free, safe and lasts.