Please try again. Apply for the Job in Assistant Staff Analyst, Health (Housing for Health, SKAP, Housing and Services Team at Los Angeles, CA. Benefit eligibility may be based on job classification, bargaining unit, time base and length of appointment. Associate Personnel Analyst Staff Offices Analyst Annual Health Care Coverage Statements Appeals and Grievances Appeals Appeal by Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment Appeal of Denial of Out-of-Class Claim Appeal for Denial off Sick Leave Appeal of Transfer Appeal for Firing or Lower in Lieu of Layoff Appeal of Performance Appraisal Apply for this job This category consists of appointees who are exempt from civil service. (Applicants who have completed six months of service performing the duties as Staff Services Manager I may direct a function such as management analysis, budgeting, or personnel. Please Note: Main communication for this position will be through email. CalHR Case Number 14-S-0106: Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment; Final Decisions on Petition to Set Aside Resignation. WebApply for the Job in Tax Analyst / Staff Accountant at Reno, NV. retiree Healthcare, Employee Assistance Program Benefits including You must obtain a passing score on the examto be eligible for Job Description and Duties. California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 172. For example, as a beginning analyst, you may conduct research and identify every approach in existence to address a particular problem. Once it receives legislative approval, the agreement goes to the Governor for signature. program evaluation or audits for a geographic area of the State, a particular statewide program area, or grants projects or contracts. Persons applying experience toward this pattern must have had a full-time assignment in the California state service preparing, justifying, and analyzing, or controlling and WebSALARY RANGES: Range A: $3,186.00 - $3,992.00 per month. Average Estimate Salary for a Staff Services Analyst (Health Facilities Surveyor): $79,421 to $104,148 This data is calculated using netizen feedback data. WebThis guide is designed to familiarize and assist you with preparing for the SSA transfer exam. These 22 groups, or job families, were developed by the federal government as a way to standardize the terminology to describe work across the nation both in government and the private sector based on similarities of the work performed, and sometimes on the skills, education, and training needed to perform the work. SROA and Surplus candidates are given priority; therefore, individuals with other eligibility may be considered in the event no SROA or Surplus candidates apply. You must enable Javascript to use this site. CalHR Grievance Procedure Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, CalHR Tribal Liaison and Tribal Consultation Policy, Public Announcements - January to June 2018, Public Announcements - July to December 2018, Controlled Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Program, Business Service Assistant (Specialist) Examination, Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, Appeal of Layoff or Demotion in Lieu of Layoff, Request for Reinstatement after Automatic Resignation (AWOL), Request for Reinstatement after Automatic Resignation of Permanent Intermittent Employee (AWOL PI), Final Decisions on Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, CalHR Case Number 14-S-0106: Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, Final Decisions on Petition to Set Aside Resignation, CalHR Case Number 14-G-0055: Petition to Set Aside Resignation, Final Decisions on Request for Reinstatement After Automatic (AWOL) Resignation, CalHR Case Number 14-B-0132: Request for Reinstatement After Automatic (AWOL) Resignation, Unit 1 - Professional, Administrative, Financial, and Staff Services, Unit 3 - Professional Educators and Librarians, Unit 7 - Protective Services and Public Safety, Unit 11 - Engineering and Scientific Technicians, Unit 16 - Physicians, Dentists, and Podiatrists, Unit 19 - Health and Social Services/Professional, Unit 21 - Educational Consultant and Library, Calendars for Alternate Work Week Schedules, Basic Group Term Life Insurance - Excluded Employees, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), Vacation vs. These numbers In a medium to large department, or in a central agency The process for Lump Sum payment can be found in the Exempt Salary Schedule on CalHR Net at: As a more advanced analyst, you might propose new solutions, assess the costs and impacts of implementing that proposal, prepare budget documents to support it, and identify staffing needs. Compare the maximum salary rates of all ranges. Staff Offices Analyst; Annual Health Care Coverage Statements; Appeals and Grievances. WebNicole Ratekin works as a Staff Services Analyst at CalHR, which is a Consumer Services company with an estimated 333 employees;, their management level is Non-Manager. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Researching or developing program analysis methods, management information systems, and planning systems. An error occurred during your request. Appeals. If it is determined an applicant does not meet MQs, the necessary steps will be taken to have the applicant's name withheld from the eligibility list. Actual bargaining takes place in meetings limited to negotiators for the State and negotiators for the bargaining unit. CalHR leads the management bargaining team, which also includes labor relations personnel from other departments. Unable to find additional information on the provided term. Proposing and assessing new program models, systems or evaluation tools, or as pilot projects with intent to use on a statewide basis. Final Decisions on Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment. The exception would allow a SAL transaction to be processed for the employee to retain their salary of $4303. examination for the Staff Services Analyst classification isavailable online for both state employees and those who are not employed by the state. CCHCS accepts electronic applications. The interview process was over 30 minutes. The SSA (General) interprets and applies State Civil Service laws and rules and departmental HR laws, rules, policies, and procedures. Under the supervision of the Director of Human Resources (Staff Services Manager II), in the Human Resources Unit, the Staff Services Analyst performs work of average difficulty in a wide variety of technical and analytical work and provides consultation and assists in all areas associated with the State's Human Apply for the Job in Staff Services Analyst (Health Facilities Surveyor) at San Bernardino, CA. If you have wondered if an analyst job is the right fit for you, the Federal Government's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) is a database that describes hundreds of job occupations and is a wonderful resource to help you map to job occupations that may interest you. As they learn the intricacies of their jobs they will become independent workers. Duties and responsibilities require research, analysis, and the use of independent judgment and discretion to interpret and apply statutes, regulations, and policies and procedures. In addition to evaluating each candidate's relative ability, as demonstrated by quality and breadth of experience, the following factors will provide the basis for competitively evaluating each candidate: Electronic (Using your CalCareer Account), Note: documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 Staff Services Analyst (General) - Correctional Institution for Men (CIM). You may also have to take and pass the Staff Services Analyst (SSA) transfer exam. State jobs site and search for job title "Analyst" to find both open exams and vacancies for analyst positions. You are now leaving this website and being directed to the specific California government resource or website that you have requested. Please ensure to have a valid email address on your application. Follow the instructions for applying and apply separately to each state department in which you are interested, as department processes may vary. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. $29 to $35 Hourly. CalPERS website. We enhance public safety and promote successful community reintegration through education, treatment and active participation in rehabilitative and restorative justice programs. The union also submits the agreement to its members in the bargaining unit for ratification. Additional benefit information can be found on the CalHR California State Civil Service Employee Benefits Summary website at STAFF SERVICES ANALYST. Job Posting: Under direction, the Staff Services Analyst III leads and/or performs complex professional-level analytical duties involving general administrative, personnel, staff development, statistical, fiscal, and/or program work; and performs other work as required. Parties reached agreement: 06/03/2021. WebRate on Movement Between Classifications with Substantially the Same Salary Range (599.674(a), (b), or (c) is used when the differential between salary ranges is less than two steps (10 %) Rate on Movement to a Classification with a Higher Salary Range (599.676 is used when the differential between salary ranges is two steps (10%) or more. Sacramento, CA. Posted: April 21, 2023. endstream endobj startxref Succeeding as an analyst means you continuously learn new subjects and demonstrate your willingness to take on progressively more complicated problems and propose effective solutions. Incumbents in this series perform working level work in Department of Personnel Administration's line programs. Browse jobs listings, class specifications, and the latest salary information from the State Controllers Office. Select 'Stay Logged In' below to resume your activity. Four years of experience performing analytical, technical, clerical, and/or customer service duties. CalHR Case Number 14-S-0106: Plea of Denying of Merit Salary Feineinstellung; Final Decisions on Send to Set Aside Resignation. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please enable scripts and reload this page. All employees shall have general qualifications as described by California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 172. WebStep 1 Search Step 2 Assessment Step 3 Apply Staff Services Analyst Transfer Exam Study Guide The Staff Services Analyst Transfer Exam is for state civil service employees that 306 0 obj <>stream California State Civil Service Employee Benefits Summary - CalHR California State Civil Service Employee Benefits Summary This webpage is intended to provide general information. click on to the Interest Profile Instrument link. What's Required When You Return to State Service, Part-time, Seasonal, and Temporary Employees (PST), Savings Plus Educational Workshops & Webinars, Travel and Accident Insurance for Excluded Employees, Discrimination Complaint Tracking and Monitoring, Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP), Workforce Analysis and Census of Employees, Information Technology Class Consolidation, Layoffs / Reinstatement / State Restriction of Appointment (SROA), Reimbursement - Travel, Relocation, and FlexElect, California Network of Learning Professionals Forum, Appeal of denial of merit salary adjustment, Appeal of involuntary geographic transfer, Appeal of involuntary non-geographic transfer, Request for reinstatement after automatic resignation (AWOL), Request for reinstatement after automatic resignation of permanent intermittent employee (AWOL PI), Merit Award Program - Benefits Administration Manual, Merit Award Program Purpose and Authority, Career Executive Assignment (CEA) and Exempt Employees, Career Executive Assignment - Policy Memos, CEA classifications included in leadership competency model, Supervisor's Responsibilities During the Probation Period, CalHR's Supervisors Guide to Addressing Poor Performance, Model Workplace Violence and Bullying Prevention, Title 2, California Code of Regulations, section 599.859, Title 2, California Code of Regulations, sections 599.893 through 599.910, Pay package for excluded and exempt employees, Statewide Workforce Planning and Succession Management, State of California Workforce Planning Model, Phase 1 - Set The Strategic Direction for the Workforce Plan, Phase 2 - Gather and Analyze Organizational Data for the Workforce Plan, Phase 3 - Develop Strategies and the Workforce Plan, State of California Succession Management Model, Part 1-Identify and Prioritize Key Positions, Part 2 - Identify Candidate Pool and Gaps, Part 3 - Develop Succession Management Strategies, CalHR Workforce Planning and Succession Management Programs, Current Workforce and Succession Plan Status, Virtual Help Desk for Supervisors and Managers, Common Carrier Travel and Accident Insurance, Part-time Seasonal and Temporary (PST) Program, Career Executive Assignments Delegation Agreement Template, Changes to the Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Program, Enterprise Core Record (ECR) Project Information, Abolished Classification Listing by State Personnel Board Meeting Date, Guide to the CalHR Substance Abuse Testing Program, Apprenticeship Information for Departments, Apprenticeship Information for State Employees, Exceptional Allocation Delegation Agreement Template, Exceptional Position Allocations Requiring Form STD.

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