Its definitely one of the best weapons in the game considering how early it is available and how many classes can wield it. They are equipped with the two spears, and will leave the spears when you kill them. I thought it would be a cool idea to give fans who are also attending the convention a chance to meet me! Meant to hurt enemies from afar, bows have a arcing path which allows them to shoot beyond enemy lines and obstacles. Basically covers any option. Fafnir: One-handed weapon. So Ninjas for example can equip 1h bows, but not the cursed bow because it is 2h. However, I still answer all the email I recieve. Ranged weapons. Be that as it may, these are some of the best weapons a player should consider overall, as drop rates and other requirements can be quite frustrating. It can pierce the skin of the Sacred Demon. Notos: Two-handed WPN (Wind). First of all, each weapon belongs to a certain "element." Firedrake Sword: One-handed flaming sword (Fire). Always avoid opposing elements, as when the character element or finisher element vs weapon element oppose you get a 30% damage penalty. I went fire just because fire burns. For more information on either game check out reviews found on your favorite gaming site. Flame Shield: One-handed shield forged by the Fire dijinn, Efreet (Fire). Also the new Zelda game "Zelda: The Minish Cap" comes out today so go get yourself a copy. Laevateinn: Two-handed weapon (Fire). No other options. If you say "yes," he will join you, with the Procs axe. Here are the six possible swords that you can get: To get the Holy Sword , you need to use SnapShot with an Angel Knight. Fixed chance of breaking. Power 48. Needle of Light: One-handed weapon (Virtue). Anyhow, here are the guns: Oz: Now we move on to our second to last weapon type. Power 70. Fire could work for Sunblossom; Dark is still quite niche especially without easy access to Meditate. Fire RES +5, (Death Knight) Zaebos' Weapon, Wind RES +5, (Death Knight) Leonard's Weapon. Mystic Hammer: Two-handed weapon (Virtue). Tactics Ogre Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The next type of weapon I'll talk about is claws. 1 of 4 Divine Armaments. (Virtue) Range 7, Power 60. * Abyss is a shadow-type attack to a single target that reduces their HP by a large percentage For the most part, they are just like axes, except for the fact that there are more one-handed hammers. PHYS DEF 20, Spell DEF 15. Hawk Men, Lizard Men, and Goblins excel at using hammers. Thunder Flare effect. Power 68. This site is for fans by fans and I want to make it as enjoyable as possible to visitors and fans of the series. The sole 'advantage' here is again its increase in physical and finisher damage. I still have every intention to keep this site running as well as PHYS RES+25, Virtue RES+20. The map section is finally finished! Square Enix has released new information and screenshots for strategy RPG remaster Tactics Ogre: Reborn, which introduces tarot cards and character creation, elements and divine protection, the. Power 52. Bows are mostly two-handed, and some can also inflict a slew of status ailments. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Where can I find the wind god weapons/artefacts? The dirk is a dagger that can be wielded by several classes in the game, including the unique ranger class, which thrives with it. Wizards start off weak but gain power toward the end of the game. Double-edged sword of Notos, god of the South Wind. Thus far, it has been confirmed that there is one new recruitable character and a new Rogue class. Power 20. If the enemy in the second panel away has a spear (or more preferably a whip), they will counter attack you, hitting their ally in between. If I find it useful and not repeat information it will go up. I have made a small update to the Characters page. If you want a shirt, copy the images I have provided here, go to and create a custom white t-shirt or any other shirt, and add the images to the front and back! Giving an Undead unit a Dark Element weapon means it's more likely to target units that carry exorcise (as those are typically light). I appreciate the warm concerns of members of the forums and other friends I have. Can anyone tell me where the wind god weapons are. I am also pleased to announce this site is #1 on Google search for both "Tactics Ogre" and "Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis." Not much has changed other than college work has been piling up and the site is still here. We have Animefest (48 hours of anime) coming up Oct 13th weekend. I highly encourage everyone to get a copy who may have missed it on the Nintendo 64. Water RES+5. Wind RES +5, Dragon Slayer; acquirable by auctioning an Earth Dragon at William City. The links page also received an update thanks to fan submissions for Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen related websites. A character has slightly better defense against attacks which are of their guardian element, and slightly worse defense against attacks of the element opposite of their guardian element (Fire vs. Water or Earth vs. Wind, for example). Crag Crush effect. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis ? All four whips in the game are two-handed, and Beast Tamers are the guys who master the use of them. PWR 26, INT+18, Wind RES+5. On another note I have been playing Guild Wars in what little free time I have due to a summer job and my user name on it is Alex Stromgald. Melee weapons. Almost every staff in the game has some sort of magical effect when used in battle. Oz: I don't know why I'm helping you, but shuckswhy don't we go over the various weapons that are available to be used in combat in Tactics Ogre? Power 62. In case you do not own a Wii, look for a copy on the PSX or SNES. It does in fact exist though, and one of the zombies you fight on B4 of Hell Gate (in the N route) is equipped with it. WIND seems to be a popular choice in the let's play videos for the old PSP version. I have added some fascinating information on the sales figures regarding the games in the Ogre Battle Saga. Puts target to sleep; dropped by a Lufu during a random encounter in Hell Gate. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. It senses the number of hidden treasures on a stage and deals corresponding damage. Range 7, Power 44. I assume you already have access to that since you've been to San Bronsa. Great Bow: Two-handed missile weapon. Dragonslayer created from the fangs of Tiamat. After reading it, Fort Kadoriga should appear as a red icon on the map--there will be a potential battle scene, where a pirate (actually, an Exorcist) will say something to you. This section will also include the Paragun because it works almost exactly the same way as a crossbow does. Staff of the god Hermes, decorated with entwined serpents. Thrusting sword that draws on sacred energy and light. Each weapon type has its own unique qualities and advantages. We cannot use the content on that site as it for non-commercial use only. Anyway, here are the swords of Tactics Ogre: Oz: You can also create a one-handed sword by using the Snapshot spell, which can be won from battles in the lowest levels of Hell Gate. AGI+4, Virtue RES+5, Bane RES=2.< />. * The spell Body Grab can only be used by non-special characters, and it changes the body of the user to the body of the target, and vice versa. Is it possible to have a list of weapons instead of general comments? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Power 45. * Hazard is a powerful water-based, poisoning attack on one target Has alright Wind & Water finishers, so go for those. Can sometimes cause Instant Death. Earth RES+5. The forum has been more active lately so come on by and leave a post or two. During my run through the POTD to beat Nybeth in part 4, I forgot about the Euros in level 99. Winged/Sidhe rings, because the ai actively prioritizes pushing your units of ledges now. Bows: Bows are kind of weak before elemental bow access due to low Piercing values. In Reborn cursed weapons correctly follow equipment limitations. Am unable to get the Blackmoor fight to happen, i'm in chapter 4, nybeth has been defeated on potd floor 100, i have all 4 wind god weapons. This site and the sub-domain for the PSX game continue to receive a few thousand unique visitors a month. Water RES +5, Dragon Slayer; acquirable by auctioning a Red Dragon at Coritani Castle. Just started playing this on PS4 and Dark/Light weren't available choices for Denam. Earth RES+5. If you would like to meet up at either anime conventions, just drop me an e-mail. Power 52. They are worth keeping in your party until another more powerful mage class is available. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis continues to be a beloved strategy game by many people. This word document found in the FAQs and Guides section has data on the GBA and N64 Ogre Battle games along with other GBA and N64 games. PHYS RES+25, Fire RES+20. I find the game very fun and it actually takes some thinking to plan attacks. Giving squishier units an Ice element weapon for dispatching flying units that can rush them, as they're more often Wind element. I also want to apologize for the downtime as the site was moved to a new server. PHYS RES+20. Exceptionally rare to find, heavy and weak in firepower, their true advantage lies in their infinite range, which allows any user to shoot enemies from any side of the battlefield. Oz: Now, on to the weapons. Power 76. Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Earth Javelin: Two-handed piercing WPN (Earth). I would also like to say congradulations to all the High School and college graduates around this time and good luck in your next steps in life. It's not too expensive either, and doesnt weigh as much as other swords. Power 44. Around 4400 unique visitors come to this site on a monthly basis which is quite good for the amount of updating I do. You must leave out the www. Zephyrus: Two-handed piercing WPN (Wind). Also, I recently got a Tactics Ogre poster from Japan framed for the gaming wall! Also, they can be found quite frequently during the game. Maybe Snake was onto something when he started knocking out soldiers at Mother Base. PHYS DEF 15, Spell DEF 5. Range 6, Power 30. Nothing else has been updated as there is already a ton of content. Mild preference for Ice, but that's about it. * Wind Shot is a wind attack, similar in style to Ion Shot Stunning hammer formed from a tear of Basque, god of the sea.-Mystic Hammer-Two-handed weapon (Virtue). All fixed. Stone-crushing hammer. Virtue RES+5, Bane RES+5. Attack power up VS dragons. 2. Used by Galf, overlord of Netherworld. Thanks to all the fans for their contributions of FAQs and information to the site and for visiting. It went through a bit of a change and now has some cool new features such as quick reply that were added to it so check it out. This is by far the best sword in the game. Oz: The second type of weapon I'll talk about is Axes. PHYS RES+15. There is an auction up for a brand NEW copy of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for sale! Note that all spears are two-handed. 1 of 4 Enchanted Hunting Wares. By mostly accurate, I mean that site is accurate for the PSP version, and there are only minor changes in weapons in the reborn version, so if possible, we could use that site as a base to make amendments. The one use for that is to intentionally equip them with a Crest of Fire for -5 RT. Licensed to and published by ATLUS USA. Mysterious bow that masks the bowman's presence, leaving target's offguard. In that case, let's hope someone will extract that info and post it in public domain. A new FAQ was posted on Gorgons so check it out. Dark Shield: One-handed shield stained with the blood of fallen foes (Bane). The 2H Dark (PoTD) & Fire (HG) are fairly darn good; avoid water as it'll nerf Sunblossom. Perfect play (for me at least)- neutral then chaos and last law (with Catiua, Vice, alive very important for late CODA) then do POTD CH4 and finish Nybeth, finish game, do CODA 1, do San Brosa for spear wind god weapon, then watch Heim-Canopus-Denan cutscene to make sure you on CODA 2 then do POTD with all 4 wind weapons to do in one trip Black MORE: Fire Emblem Engage: Corrupting Emblems Could Make or Break The Experience, The author is a law graduate and aspiring barrister. Angels are holy creatures wielding divine power, and usually aligned Lawful. It is a white magic attack which targets one panel, and can eradicate undead characters, just like Exorcism or Starion . Shining effect. Greatswords: Lacks AoE, but hits hard. Rumored to allow communication with the gods. RELATED: Tactics Ogre: Reborn - Most Important Choices In The Story. Supposedly less strategy is involved in the game but there are 100 missions to please any strategy fans. Fire RES +5; dropped by a Hawk Man/Berzerker during the battle against Orgeu in Chapter Three. PHYS RES+25, Earth RES+20. Slender, flexible sword designed to pierce armor joints. Also, with spears you can attack two enemies who are standing right next to each other, producing a "shish kebob" effect. This is a COMPLETE list of all the weapons in the game. Chocolate Shield: One-handed shield made from sugar and cocoa beans. Most swords are one-handed and can be used with shields, but there are a few that require both hands to wield effectively. Also, you will always get a bonus when you use your class' preferred weapon, and an even bigger bonus if you use a weapon of your characters' element. In fact, the only two-handed hammers are the Balder, Power, and Dark Hammers. Prox: Two-handed flaming axe. My blog and website at My Weekly Grind contains information about various restaurants and events around Charlotte, NC. Not very powerful, but lightweight. If you ever feel the need to be generous and need to buy a new computer, using the links to affliates for purchasing will help pay for the hosting. They can be extremely useful weapons because they have a two-panel attack range, meaning that you can attack an enemy from two panels away, and unless they are equipped with a spear or a whip, they can't counter-attack you. This is quite a difficult battle, owing largely to the hammer itself. Crossbows are favored by Archers, but close-range warrior classes like Knights, Dragon Tamers, Beast Tamers, Hawk Men and the special Eagle Man and Beast Master classes can make good use of them. For any information marked with an asterisk (*), see end of table for notes. For the sake of reference, daggers are separated in their own table. Wind God weapons and Blackmoor During my run through the POTD to beat Nybeth in part 4, I forgot about the Euros in level 99. Netherworld 4 of 1 RES-5. Cursed Instruments are also two-handed and lack any free songs or other nice benefits. Power 40. I would like to add images of the stages with treasure locations to the map section, but I do not have the time to do so. The North American Square Enix Store offers two special pre-orderitems for fans of Tactics Ogre: Reborn. Any RT increase from equipment carries over to the weapon, even if their stats do not. PWR 32. Above average midrange weapon. CODA 4 has an amazing Ice relic that's just Ozma's weapon. Metal spear with high attack power despite its slenderness. Although no class actually specializes in using them as weapons, magicians usually equip them for their INT boosting power. Power 62. I still check my e-mail quite often and can found on myspace and facebook. Only gunners can actually shoot guns--all other classes just attack with the physical gun (like a sword, claw, etc.). The philosophy behind them is a little different than that behind conventional bows--crossbows are best used by Knights and other fighting classes, who get close to the enemy in battle. Ice Wand: One-handed weapon (Water). INT+30, Bane RES+5. Hyacinth Fan: One-handed weapon (Wind). It has been over 16 years since this site was created to support the games in the Tactics Ogre series. Ice Field effect. The game is a hybrid because of the battle system. Great elemental coverage for a 1 handed weapon. Here they are: (The Galdia fan is included in this section because out of all the weapon types, it most resembles a claw.) AGI+1, Virtue RES+5. Here are the mighty bows from Tactics Ogre: Oz: The final type of weapon we're going to discuss is the crossbow. However, its still a good fit on Cerya as well. Weapons - Tactics Ogre: Reborn Contents 1 Unique Relic weapons 1.1 1H Sword 1.2 Hammer 1.3 Instrument 1.4 Bow 1.5 Crossbow 1.6 Fusil 1.7 Fist 1.8 2H Sword 1.9 Axe 1.10 Spear 1.11 1H Katana. Dragon Handling effect. Thank you Gustavo for your contribution. View Mobile Site Range 6, Power 52. Francisca: One-handed weapon. They are all one-handed and comparable to a sword in attack power and style. * Remedy cures all status ailments Otherwise, the sword you will get will match the element of the character that uses SnapShot. Deadly axe with the power of Boreas, god of the North Wind. Fire is probably a bad pick as that hinders your first finisher, but with meditate you can spam Mantis Strike instead. STR/VIT/DEX/AGIL/AVD/INT/MND/RES = Stat / 20. Slender thrusting sword with a knuckle guard on the hilt to protect the user's hand. If Asvel mines it for that info we can use it, or possibly we'll do a table for the key items manually (wanna help?). 2010 Landon. It took too many hours but I got everything done. Hammers: The other reason Wind is painful. I hope everyone is doing well now that school is in session and the summer has come to an end. Longicolnis: Two handed piercing weapon. Tactics Ogre: Reborn Walkthrough and Guide,, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key, Rune Fencer (Winged, Chaotic, Elev 12, 11,4), Lizardman Hoplite (Neutral, Elev 18, 4, 4), Kill Seeker (Female, Chaotic, Elev 2, 8, 18), Orc Warrior (Orc, Neutral, Elev 13. Power 68. Melee weapons. Range 2. Wind RES +5; dropped by Velmado, the leader of the battle at South Heigm. LUK +4, AGI +8, Dark RES +5, Charms target; dropped by Zildor, a Siren in Chapter Three. I cannot believe this game is new after coming out in the late 90s. All wording on this page is copyrighted by me except where specified. In the battle on B4 of Hell Gate (in the L and C routes), Nybbas had performed some experiments, resurrecting Zaebos and Leonard as the living dead, or Death Knights. In most games, collecting them is neccesary to obtain the Crest of Fire. Power 62. bane RES+5. The major setbacks to using axes are that they tend to be heavy, and you can't equip a shield while wielding one. Power 68. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their continued support visiting Probably the strongest pre-element damage option; you can do over 1k damage with the correct buffs/debuffs, which is rare for ranged. PHYS RES+25, Wind RES+20. (Better if you inflict Breached with items.). Water is great for boosting Flood Lash, only Ozma prefers Ice due to her custom finisher here. Light, Ice, & Thunder relics exist with amazing stats; maybe avoid Water due to a mismatch with Finisher as well. If it is open sourced may be it can be incorporated here? This makes one of the best units in the game even better. Avoid Thunder. Protection form Charm. We'll start with swords, because the sword is one of the most basic weapons. I updated Formido and Sotavento on the map. You must also learn about magic and armor if you are to succeed. Sandstorm Bow: Two-handed weapon for missile attack. Sacred Hammer with the 10 commandments of Filarhh, the sun god, inscribed on it. The Heavy Axe is, as the name suggests, a bit heavy, and it is not recommended in every situation. Huge butcher's knife. Power 66. #4 Pickleton Nov 10, 2022 @ 6:10pm They are almost exactly like spears, except for the fact that they don't produce the "shish kebob" effect when you attack two enemies that are standing right next to each other. I have also added a new link to the Ogre Battle 64 Archive. No big reason, just seems neat to me. Bane RES+5. Staffs are very low in physical attack power, but raise your intelligence significantly, leading you to equip most of your mages with them. Most swords are one-handed and can be used with shields, but there are a few that require both hands to wield effectively. I have renewed this site for one more year. Also there is a new sponsor link added. A group of divine objects created by the Four Wind Gods. Some of the strongest bows can even inflict status ailments on targets with their arrows. How to Unlock: Classmarks are sold by general Shops from Chapter 1 onward. Earth RES +5; found in Hell Gate from an encounter with the Wind Guardians. I am posting an update here just to show I am still alive and everything. ? Thank you to everyone who continues to support this site. This site will be around for one more year so fans can enjoy it once again. Boreas: Two-handed weapon (Wind). Ji'ygla's Bow + Ji'ygla's set is an infinitely better option (against any element). I appreciated the myspace adds from some of yall. King Zamora's ice spear. Power 62. * The spell Brain Fry charms a single target with a 100 percent success rate. Heroes of Mana is a RTS game with plenty of regular and bonus missions to keep strategy fans happy. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, this is equivalent to a very vengeful soul beseeching the gods for a weapon or power to smite their enemies. AGI+4, Wind RES+5. It has finally surpassed the Atlus site, which is pretty awesome. Confusion effect. Earth RES+5. Wind RES+5. Virtue RES+5, Bane RES-5. In case some of you did not know, I am a big anime fan and run the club at Virginia Tech. Sacred Sword that King Anbicion received in a covenant with God. Long Sword: Power 40. I also answer every e-mail I recieve so feel free to drop me a line. A large hacking sword. 1 of 4 Relics of the Wind. Somewhat heavy, and mostly used with two hands, but can deal considerable damage. Oz: The next type of weapon we'll cover is spears. Spellbooks: Spellbooks have higher Crushing damage values than Wands, so your casters can actually do more than 1 damage with attacks. Wooden bow. Power 24. magic staff, used by mischievous fairies. Sweet candy cane, decorated with red and white food coloring, that tickles the minds and tastebuds of small children. Frozen Axe: Two-handed weapon (Water). Black spear created from the horn of the fallen angel. Bow passed on from the time the Ancient Kingdom Habiram sank into the desert. Archers tend to use bows the most, as bows provide a good way to attack enemies from behind your main line of defense. No major chances have occured on the site. Ice Shield: One-handed shield of the frost giant, Firbolg (Water). ago Yes Dark RES +5; dropped by a Templar Knight during the battle at Grimby City. It is nice to receive emails from longtime fans sharing their appreciation for keeping this website running and love for Tactics Ogre games.

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